FABLE developer reunited with a commemorative plate stolen 12 years ago! Another game developer discovered what was exhibited on ebay

On Twitter, Mike Tucker, a developer who was involved in the FABLE series, had a miraculous reunion ** for the first time in 12 years with a commemorative plate of the same work in 2010. Reported.

According to the tweet, the commemorative plate was missing in 2010, when Tucker’s house was stolen. Recently, CHI Sovereign (@ichisumeragi), a game developer (@ichisumeragi), has recently been exhibited in eBay, and it has been revealed by contacting Mike Tucker, whose name was listed on the plate.


Tucker immediately contacted the seller and was returned safely. The plate was auctioned in 2014 and kept as a collection for a long time. The seller offered to return to Tucker with only the amount paid to get the item, but Tucker paid more prices and gave a gift of FABLE as a gift.

Tucker reunited with an important treasure that he thought he could never meet again. He has deeply grateful that game developers who have never met have contacted them to discover.

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