Gotham Knights console version is 30fps fixed -4 people in November

The console version of the open world action RPG Gotham Knights scheduled to be released by WB Games will be played with 30fps fixed.

This is an action RPG where four Batman Family fights criminals in Gotham City after Batman, but users who claim that PS5 is a 30fps play in overseas forums. It appeared and became a hot topic. In response, Fleur Marty, an executive producer of this work at WB Games Montréal, said on the official Discord. According to the PS5/Xbox Series X | S version, there is no performance/quality switching function, and it will be played at 30fps.

He states that this work, which offers a high-definition open world and an unstable co-op experience, does not simply lower the FPS if the resolution is reduced.

This is such a work today (October 15), 4 CO-OP modes HEROIC ASSAULT has been announced as a new free additional content. This mode scheduled to be distributed on November 29, local time is an independent standalone mode with the main story campaign, and is an arena garlic content that goes through all 30 floors while achieving goals and defeating enemies. It has been.

Gotham Knights will be released on October 21 for PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store).

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