How to move faster at Disney Dreamlight Valley: Run and Running Guide

Disney Dream light Valley’s career mechanics offers a standard movement form without maintaining or pressing any button. However, there is an impulse in the game that allows you to increase the speed of your character unlocking a specific improvement. So, if you are interested in learning about this feature, here is How to move faster at Disney Dream light Valley .

How to move faster at Disney Dream light Valley


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Players can move faster in Disney Dream light Valley when they consume high levels of stars, resulting in an impulse of ‘well-fed’. This improvement will remain active when its resistance bar shows a distinctive yellow shine. Another characteristic that players can take into account is the arrow and the most symbol in the lower right corner of the screen, indicating that an impulse has been unlocked.

Typical foods, such as an apple or a 1-star dish, will not provide this improvement. Meals with a lower rating generally include one or two ingredients, while the most advanced recipes produce additional resistance. Players can experiment with articles in the kingdom of Remy or at the Dream light Valley restaurant to create more dishes. But, if you have no ideas, you can consult our guide on all the recipes of the game.

In addition to the well-fed impulse, you can still run freely through the map with the normal movement of Disney Dream light Valley. In addition, players can use the fast trip of the Wishing Well to quickly transport several places, such as Sunlit Plateau, Glad of Trust or the Kingdom of Mona.

Now that you know How to move faster at Disney Dream light Valley , you can try this mechanic in the next adventure. To get more content about the game, you can consult the relevant links below and consult our list of tips and tricks for beginners if you are just beginning.

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