How to go through the first test in the world task of Genshin Impact Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand

Dreams under the sand scorching is a fourth part of the world chain of the Golden Sleep tasks, which describes in detail about the expedition of the archaeological group to Hajj-Nisut. After you find the clues in this area, you will be invited to pass three tests located to the west, north and south of the region.

Although you can pass three tests in any order, this leadership will lead you through all the solutions of puzzles to complete the test. to the west of Hajj-Nisut . You can find other puzzles below:

  • Second test (north)
  • Third test (south)

How to go through three tests (1/3) in the world task Genshin Impact Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand Summer

Start with a sliding to the marker of the quest west of the Hajj-Nisut. You will find a building with a pyramidal entrance. Enter inside to find the control device above the stairs that you need to interact C to open the entrance to the floor below.

Turn correctly Find a hole in the ground. Ignore the flow of sand and jump down to get to the floor below, then go to the next room where you will find a forged primitive light (blue pyramid) and a control unit. Select forged original light and interact with a control unit to open the gate.

Enter the room and place the forged original light on the platform. Then take another blue pyramid in the room and place it on the second platform. This gives rise to darkening cell that you need to touch to make the wall on the right transparent, allowing the primitive ray to pass through it. Enter the next room through the entrance to left .

You will find another Replicator Keystone puzzle with two platforms. You can find forged primitive lights nearby: one is in the previous room, and the other at the top of the stairs, in front of the statue. Place Forged Primal Lights on the platforms. One at a time to create a yellow cell of truth.

When you touch Verity Cell, a yellow rhombus will appear above your head. This will allow you to make invisible objects appear again. Go to wall in front of the primary beam so that it appears again and open gates on the left Enter the next room.

You will immediately notice control device . Interact with it to open the gate and enter the next room. Inside there is hole in the ground with a sandy course-jump down to get to the floor below.

There are three things in this room:

  • Primitive design
  • Locked control unit
  • Lu mining spot

A luminous spot will lead you to the next area of research, but you need a cornerstone (I) to open the door. So, start with Victory over the primitive design Unlock Control device . Interact with it to open the gate, opening a regular chest, which you then need to search to get the cornerstone (I). Next, return to the previous room and go to luminous spot to open the gate using keystone (i).

Turn to the right to find the forged original light and place it on the platform in the room. Then take the other Forged Primal Light on top of the pile and place it on the second platform. As soon as both devices appear, interact with the darkening cell so that the wall in front of it disappears. Do not forget to search the usual chest in the center of the room to get cornerstone (II) .

Return to the previous room with the flow of sand and Enter the door next to the control unit . Once inside, go straight to find a room with Primal Construct and luminous spot . Interact with a luminous spot to use Keystone (II) to open the gate where you will find the last riddle of the Replicator Keystone inside. There is only one Forged Primal Light, so place it on the platform to open the darkening cell.

Touch the darkening cell to open the door next to her. Go through the door to enter a large room, and turn right to find a control unit in front of the statue. interact with him to pass the first test.

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