Everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6 beta

Although Street Fighter 6 will work on the market until next year, in just a couple of hours a beta test will begin that will give us the opportunity to experience the next step for the Cap com series in advance. In this way, Here we tell you everything you need to know about it .

The beta tests of street Fighter 6 will be held between October 7 and 10 , that is, tomorrow they finally begin. Cap com ensures that most invitations to this session have already been sent to the emails of all those who requested to participate in the past. In this way, it will be better than checks if your download code has arrived.

If you already have access, do not forget to link your Cap com ID with your preference platform. It is important to mention that this session is only available for users of PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Fortunately, Cap com has indicated that the beta will have Cross-Play . Although we cannot enjoy the World Tour mode, that is, the main campaign, we can enjoy:


-Chambers classifiable

-Combats del Battle Hub

-Mode training

-Corners open

-Stained Hub Goods

-Cesario (Dario)

-To Extreme Focus (Dario)

-Area Game Center (Dario)

-Cabinet of the DJ

-Photographic place

Next to this, It has been confirmed that we will have access to the following scenarios :

-Metro of Metro City

-Gen bu Temple

-Carrier Byron Taylor

-Than Hong Yuan

-The male ring

-Training room

Although the final game will have a selection of 18 different characters, during the beta session we can only experiment with eight , where we find some known and new faces:









Remember, The beta of street Fighter 6 will take place from October 7 to 10 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC , while the complete experience will be available at some point of 2023. On related topics, These are all the characters in this game. Similarly, an old rumor of Ken is denied by Cap com.

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