LOL: The smallest adjustment of the preseason that will change the life of a group of forgotten players

Riot promised changes to the upper lane , but we did not expect them to be done so soon. As usual. The preseason in the Legends of Legends bring many novelties , and this time it was not going to be for less. In this article we analyze the various changes that this demarcation will have in the game and the impact it will have on the games

_ The Top Lane has lost part of the elements that made it unique from the changes to the teleport. We believe that these changes were very good for the game, but * the upper lane paid most of the price. * In this sense, we want something that they can celebrate (…) We want the to planer’ less.._

_ To balance the MID lane against the Top Lane, we will reduce the gold that is given to the Midlands_, said Matt Leung-Harrison, one of the top people responsible for the gameplay of League of Legends.


To do this, and as this gameplay manager commented, they will significantly reduce the gold that the mid layers won. By each subject killed in the first 14 minutes, ** will add one of gold less than the invokes of the lane Superior, which will give you a new incentive to choose more this position in your games.

Long-term changes for League of Legends

_ In the long term, we hope that these changes offer the to planers a feeling of that have a larger reward for playing in the longest street (as a solo player), compared to the center that is significantly Later _, Leung-Harrison himself followed.

With these changes, they seek give dynamism to the upper lane, something abandoned after the TV adjustments. During this time, we have seen a more or less stable goal, but in which the occasional interesting combo such as Janna, Karma or Tarim Top appeared with crushing. This technique exposed some Riot failures in this regard and wanted to put a solution improving the role significantly

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