Equipment cleaning in Splatoon 3 – how to change abilities

Highlight 3 has become one of the largest games in the Nintendo arsenal. In addition to the fact that he is the last in the franchise, he offers several abilities and gaming mechanics, which were not in the previous parts. There is also a huge variety of equipment that players can use on the field. Each part of the equipment you encounter will have what is known as of abilities . These abilities in these slots are given to players randomly as they earn XP. However, do you know that you can change your equipment abilities?

how to change the ability in Platoon 3


The first thing you want to do is to find march in Plat lands . March is an orange sea hedgehog with black-purple hair and one green eye, which can be found right next to the combat lobby.

When you offer him super sea snails , you will be given the opportunity to change the slots of the abilities of any equipment. It is important to know that before doing this, you should be at the fourth level. During a conversation with Mark, you will also have the opportunity to give him pieces of abilities to change the main ability of your equipment.

As the level rises in the game, you can unlock up to three secondary abilities that you can overflow.

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