Why are my Omega Strikers Twitch Drops work?

Omega Strikers entered the arena and brought with them rapid competitive actions. The developer of Odyssey Interactive attracted several well-known streamers to disseminate information about the game, including the Twitch Drop campaign. However, many players report problems with non-working Twitch drops. This may make you ask how to fix that Omega Strikers Twitch Drops does not work.

Twitch Drops Omega Strikers does not work-how to fix it

Unfortunately, you can do little for your part to fix the non-working Twitch Drops Omega Strikers, except in anticipation of in developer K fix them. The problem is due to the fact that the first award is access to closed beta versions, but now that it is in open beta version, access no longer works. This protects you from the rest of Twitch Drops.

Odyssey Interactive launched the new Twitch Drop campaign for Omega Strikers and turned on vouchers and codes for those who have encountered this problem. But the problem is not fixed, and players do not receive their Twitch drops. Until the problem is completely solved, you may need contact Odyssey Interactive to maintain to manually add drops to your account.

How to get Twitch Drops in Omega Strikers

Getting and repaying Twitch Drops for Omega Strikers is a simple process, at least if they work, and a good way to get free things. Here’s how to get Omega Strikers Twitch drops.

Tie your steam and also twitch accounts.
Click on your profile icon .
Select drops .
Go to all campaigns and find omega Starters .

Click on participating channels *.
* See one of these channels for the required time.

Additional information about Omega Strikers, see the article supports controllers in Omega Strikers? And all the effects of the state in Omega Strikers described in the game guidelines for professionals.

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