Everything we know of GTA 6 after the leaks: protagonists, map, time, weapons, songs.

It is one of the news of the month and year. The 90 videos filtered by Grand Theft Auto VI have gone around the world and brought to light (very bad forms) one of the most anticipated games in the industry . And although these weeks we have focused on what happened, on following the response of Rock star and the investigations of the FBI (which have resulted in the arrest of a repeat hacker of only 16 years)… why not also focus on the game? Because yes, okay, everything seen is provisional, it is part of an ongoing work, and it is clear that it will change a lot from here to its launch, but you can already see many interesting details about the protagonists, the setting and approach of this GTA VI . We are going to review them all.

Two protagonists: Lucia and Jon

A few months ago, long before the happy leaks, Bloomberg and Jon Schrader already pulled the blanket and confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI would have a female protagonist for the first time in the history of the saga . The renowned journalist then said that this new installment is inspired by Bonnie & Clyde and revolves around two playable characters , one of whom will be a Latin woman . Well, the reads have corroborated everything.

GTA VI leaks have brought out to the appearance and name of those two protagonists. They look we show you below, They are called Lucia and Jon and we can change from one to another, pressing down on the crosshead. That is to say that it will be ey and simple in GTA V, again to make life to their air when we do not handle them.

The city is Vice City…

GTA VI will propose to return to Miami , or rather, to Vice City, one of the most beloved locations of the saga and the place where our favorite delivery took place (if we did not let it fall we burst, we burst, Yes). The leaks do not leave the imagination, and it seems that at lt, more than twenty years later, we will return to that charismatic fictitious version of Florida. There are images of public transport in which you can read Vice City Metro , the football team announced at the center stadium is called Vice City Mamb , in police cars it puts VCPD ( Vice City Police Department …)

… but is set in the present

The only (and vital) difference with respect to the Vice City that we remember is that this time the game will be set in the present and not in the seventies or eighties . Goodbye to the shirts and the houseproud. GTA VI will leave behind that Scarface touch and the aroma to Miami Vice to satirize the modern United States and the conflicts of the contemporary era. There are mobile phones, current technology, lt model cars, references to GTA V events…

It should also be remembered that many leaks suggest that Grand Theft Auto VI will add more cities and missions after launch, taking us to territories of South America nearby is the ce of Colombia . Therefore, Rock star may still be saved several aces under the sleeve and that the final map ends up surprising us.

all the weapons of GTA VI

In the videos it is seen the clsic weapons roulette of the saga , clsic the controversial pointed system (for some already aged and archaic). And speaking of weapons, these are all that we can find in the GTA VI reads:

  • Ar pones weapon
  • Beball bat
  • Molotov cocktail
  • Knife
  • Pumping shotgun
  • Grenade
  • AUDITOR Granada
  • Granada de smoke
  • Micro SMG
  • Lever
  • Golf stick
  • Pistol
  • sault rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Sniper’s rifle
  • Billiard taco

Surely many remain to be confirmed (randacohetes, American fists, etc.), but this first list already suggests The degree of madness and savagery of GTA VI , with the Pierpont and the clsic bates and beball sticks, golf and billiard. Let’s cross the fingers for The return of the Jet Pack .


First songs for the radio

Obviously Nothing that appears in the leaks is definitive and it should be clarified that both the weapons and the songs of these first videos can be simple tests that are done internally. Theme warned, these first game plays let three songs listen to:

  • Ch sh* t featuring the baby-Megan The Stallion
  • Time Bomb-The Ram ones
  • 30 Days in the Hole-Humble Pie

We do not know if Rock star will end up getting their rights in the game, but they have certainly tried them during development. The selection of every GTA is usually The envy of the genre , with dozens of styles from how many countries and times we dream. Even so, getting licensed pieces does not usually be ey. We will see what selection they manage to gather on this occion.

And speaking of the subject, there is also an original first melody, a first stretch of OST during a robbery that many have linked to Tangerine Dream , the pioneers of electronic music that participated in GTA V and did the same in One of the great robberies of history : thief (1981, Michael Mann).

The importance of robberies

Bonnie & Clyde a reference, Tangerine Dream to the soundtrack… It seems that one of the mechanics that always like the community, the theft of banks and establishments, will make a new leap forward in GTA VI. In filtered data, reference is made to Levers to for bolts, ANZUS, position trackers and all kinds of tools to sault safes.

In one of the videos the protagonists are seen to do a restaurant specialized in gophers and even the menus show that we can interact with more things in the environment, with concrete parts of the objects, in the Alpha through some little ones dots. Uploaded on board a car this allowed to move the seat ahead or back, recline it, touch the mirrors… sick details.

And the same with the NPC, in the form of Red Dead Redemption 2 ( Use hostages, record corpses… ). By pressing the trigger, several changing options are displayed according to the situation.

There are thousands of more details (such random events in the world that cause the appearance of rabid dogs ), but in broad strokes, these are the main ones of Grand Theft Auto VI, which we hope we do not ps too much invoice what happened. And we say too much Roque, unfortunately, it h already happened.

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