Cyberpunk & Desert Theme, Tower of Fantasy version 2.0 release

Perfect World Games (Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is developed and published in its company, has released its first large-scale update 2.0 version of the promotional video, and also reveals the newly introduced region of ‘Bella’ in the 2.0 version. Did.

In the 2.0 promotion video, the new region of Bella’s Desert and Oasis and Cyberpunk Future City, Mirror City, and the story hidden, and new replica were released. Along with Nemesis, there are also some glimpse of the users who will be against the future, such as the theme of civilization forgotten in the past and the bizarre monsters that appeared in ‘Abyss’.

Meanwhile, Tower of Fantasy has been appealing to global users by participating in various offline events such as Games com, Anime Expo, Taipei International Manga Animation Festival, and TGS. Since its launch on August 11, it has ranked No. 1 in the popular iOS free chart in about 40 countries and regions and exceeded 10 million downloads.

For more information and news on the 2.0 update of the Tower of Fantasy, please visit the homepage and the official lounge of ‘Tower of Fantasy’.

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