Passing dog writing, Tales Shop Her World Steam page

New Tales Shop, which launches a number of visual novels and story-based games, including a convenience store, a miracle snack shop, a love flute, and a blind man in the future. It is her world that created the 2013 unmanned world as a motif.

Her world, which opened the Steam page on the 21st, wrote a scenario by a dog writer who wrote a mermaid lady and a fox waiting for you. For reference, the unmanned world is also the first visual Nobel game for dog artists. According to the producer, it is huge enough to boast of the maximum text of the dog artist games that passed by, and ensures the completion of the story completely with one main game without passing the baton with the sequel or DLC.

The game is a story that the protagonist, who wanted to run away in a difficult reality, falls into a strange world, and continues to explore with the woman he meets there, meeting girls and revealing the secrets of the world. You can see the end of the story just by proceeding with the main story, but you can enjoy a small substory with 17 kinds of quests where you can actually experience the world in the game where scary beings are hidden.

Tales Shop said, In this work, we have put a lot of resources in other art elements other than beautiful girls. Level design, object, creature, character, etc. This goal is to make it more fun and immersive to play beyond the limits.

Her world will be officially released on October 6 through Steam and supports both Korean subtitles and voice. After the election, the mobile version will also be released sequentially.

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