SPLATOON 3 Weapon List

In Platoon 3, the team players need to smear ink. The team that will apply more ink will win the game. Players in the game can choose between Inkling or Cooling. Ink in Platoon 3 spread with the help of various weapons in the game. This weapon is more or less like real weapons.

Splat on 3 is the third game in the Platoon series, which is the Nintendo response to a third-person shooter. The series began on Wii U in 2015 and is unique in that the goal is not to smear the enemy team, but to smear the ink of your team on the map. Whoever applies more ink will win!

In Splat on 3, players can play for incline or octopus, who are half children, half Cefalù. Ink is distributed with the help of various weapons resembling objects from the real world. These objects from the real world are buckets with brushes that are used in the game to apply ink in the same way as in the real world they smear paint.

This Platoon 3 Guide will tell the players about all the weapons that is used in the game.

Best weapon in Platoon 3

Among the 53 types of weapons, a new player can often get confused in which weapon should choose and why. Each weapon has its own characteristics that differ from others. Although it depends on the player’s will and on how he wants to advance on the game, this leadership will still help you figure it out, since it will indicate weapons and its use:

level s

Weapons of level S are what is available to all players throughout the game. When someone needs help in the team, the weapon is responsible for ensuring the protection of the entire team.

52 Gal

.52 Gal is a destructive weapon that strongly deserves its placement at S. levels has a significant damage and range.

Two-color noise agents

Dualize Squelches demonstrate low damage and high potential for spraying in the hands of almost anyone.

N-Zap ’85

In Platoon 3 N-Zap ’85 is also a useful tool. He shoots at a very fast pace.

splashing device

When you put Sloshing Machine on the enemy, it greatly damages it. It works a little slower, but nothing anxious.


Thanks to the wide dispersion of ink, Splatter shot Jr. Ideal for rapid staining with ink of large areas.


The weapon, ideal for spraying ink, refers to this level. This weapon is famous for its extraordinary force.

Friday doubles

Dapple Dualizes is a worthy option, like another double weapon, although they have a wider spread and lower power than others.

MG Aerrosprey

Despite the small radius of action, Aerospace MG shoots quite quickly.

If you play in the SPLAT zone, it is not recommended to use this weapon in rating battles because of its weak damage.

Dynamic Willer

Like Splat Roller, Dynamo Roller has a huge potential for damage and coating, but the disadvantage is that in general it is slower.

Dual allocations

Splat Dualizes has two sources of fire and decent rate of fire. Regardless of the mode you play in, it is generally quite competent and will complete the task.

level b

The weapon of the B-Ural can also effectively spray ink, but each in its own way. They also provide adequate coating and functionality throughout the game.

ink brush

Ink brush is one of the fastest weapons in the game, but has a limited radius of action and damage. Although it will not cover a long distance, you can paint the earth when you quickly move around the region.

aerosol noise lord

Despite the high potential of a reactive noise given, it may not be easy to impress the target. Although this is not scary, you risk missing the opportunity to score.

Electronic liter 4k

The main components of the E-Liter 4K are an elongated metal nozzle with a plastic connector, a black sight that serves the barrel, and a metal canister with ink in the back.

’M mini spraying

Compared to other weapons of this class, the mini splatting is faster. Otherwise, it remains unchanged.


Octopus has a huge spread and can quickly cover most of the terrain in front of you.

Bell’s tent

Ball’s tent can protect you from approaching harm and has a decent force. Despite the fact that its range will not leave you indifferent if you shoot forward, it can cover a large area due to a continuous charge and provide a movable shelter.


The mudguard is almost the only standard weapon in Platoon 3. Almost every aspect of the game is good enough.

level s

The capabilities of the coating and the team reliability of the weapon of the C-level are average.

Luna Blaster

Luna Blaster shoots a projectile that explodes, allowing the destruction of opponents who hid behind the walls or at the corners.

reactive noise given

Jet Squelched can shoot from shelter, albeit with average damage and rate of fire.

96 Gal

.96 GAL outwardly resembles. 52 Gals, but has a larger nozzle. A typical firing range and significant damage compensate for low rate of fire and sluggish mobility.

H-3 nozzle

The letter H is used to indicate the weight. You can aim at opponents using an echo locator so that each shot is counted.

level D

Only a certain type of command can use the weapon of the LAURENT platoon 3. If you include them in your squad Platoon 3, this will put you in a disadvantage.

clash Blaster


Clash Blaster has a small range and shoots at high speed; Two direct hits are required to knock out the enemy.

Clash Blaster increases coverage, mobility and damage, because it shoots faster than other blasters that require direct hit for quick strokes.

H researcher

When the ink torpedoes released by an explorer come into contact with the incline or any other surface, they explode.

spray hydra

Hydra Splatting has a long time of charging, a long time of shooting and a large range.

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