This is how you can work in Xbox

If working at Xbox is one of your dreams, then you are in luck. Recently, Microsoft revealed their Leap program, a five-month course, where participants will be paid to improve their performance in various sectors, and have the possibility of joining some sectors of this company, including, among them Xbox.

The Leap program is focused on all those in the area of computer science, and those who have the desire to expand their knowledge. All interested parties can take part of courses focused on Azure, data analyst, cybersecurity engineer , UX designer, and many more. Registrations begin on September 20, and you have until October 5 to join this program.

If you are selected, you will take part in various courses, which you can enjoy from home or, if you live near Atlanta or Washington, join the face-to-face classes, between January 17 and May 5, 2023 . Although this is not a guarantee, once this program comes to an end, you can be selected to join the azure, Bing, Office 365 or Xbox groups.

Do not hesitate, if you have the necessary knowledge, and you want, not only to work in Microsoft, but to expand your skills, The inscriptions to the Leap program begin on September 20 . In related issues, Phil Spencer talks about the possible increase in Xbox Series X | s. Similarly, new offers arrive at the Microsoft Store.

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