Free Awards for the Collective Event Predatory Beast in Apex Legends

The Beast of Prey Collection event, which will be held from September 20, 2022, to October 4, 2022, will present a new temporary regime of Gun Run, a relic of lobes and collection cosmetic objects. As in every collection event, it will also have a free system of awards with daily tasks.

You can earn points to advance on a reward scale, performing daily tasks during the event. Here are all the rewards and glasses necessary for unlocking:

250 points: the Predatory Beast icon and the musical set Predatory Beast *
* 500 points: legend tracker
* 750 points: legend tracker
1000 points: a rare set of APEX
* 1250 points: legend tracker
1,500 points: spiked pendant for a backpack
* 2000 points: legend tracker
* 2500 points: legend tracker
3000 points: Vantage Skin *
3500 points: Skin Devotion
* 4000 points: legend tracker
5000 points: flat skin

To get all free rewards, you will need to complete daily tasks in at least three days, but glasses increase with each level of task, so it can be completed earlier. The players will have two weeks to pass the free chain of awards when the collection event will be released on September 20.

See what free awards look like in the collectible event Predatory Beast below!

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