Durango Lee Eun -seoks new work Project HP, Woehaven confirmed the title

[ Moon Byung-soo] The title of Nixon Director Lee Eun-seok, famous for ‘Making Heroes’ and ‘Durango’, was confirmed as ‘Paraben’.

According to the game industry on the 13th, Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) has changed the title of Lee Ensue’s new work, known as ‘Project HP,’ to Haven. Earlier this month, the title of the project HP registered in the global game platform ‘Steam’ has also changed to War haven.

An official of Nixon said, We have changed the title of Project HP to Haven.

Haven, who took off his first veil in July last year, is an original IP-based work that Nixon first introduced after the establishment of the new development headquarters. It is characterized by a major focus on large-scale white battlefield PVP, which many players fight at close range. In the test conducted last year, a number of users, such as 16 to 16 and 12 to 12, was introduced.

Lee Ensue, who is leading the development of War haven, is one of Nixon’s flagship developers who have made famous games such as Making Heroes, Wild Land: Durango, and White Day. After receiving the Korea Game Awards (Presidential Award) in 2010 for Making Heroes, he won the Grand Prize (Prime Minister’s Award) in 2018.

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