Cyberpunk 2077 – A great expansion and several projects on the table: this is the CD Projakt Red Plan

Some days have passed since CD Project Red announced the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 . Its launch is scheduled for 2023, only for PC, Xbox Series, PS5 and Stadia , and the consoles of the previous generation demonstrated too important technical limitations. This Wednesday, September 7, the conference dedicated to the shareholders of the first semester (Wearing Call) was also held, which is each time the opportunity to give some figures and clarify the company’s strategy in the coming years. You can read it in English here.

The future of Cyberpunk insinuated by CD Project Red

When asked about the study plans for the next expansions of cyberpunk 2077, the Senior Vice President, Michał Wazowski, replied that intends to develop a great expansion to take full advantage of the capabilities of the new consoles.

He also clarified that they are totally committed to the development of the Cyberpunk license in the future, far beyond this specific expansion of the game, and insists that they have invested a lot of time and effort to build the franchise, and that they have the intention to grow with new stories, new experiences and more content, but not only in video game format. Which implies that Cyberpunk could be entitled to other projects similar to Edge runners anime that will arrive on September 13.

He then insisted that there will only be a great expansion , but new things are planned in the future. There were more details about the difficult decision that was taken regarding the absence of versions of PS4 and Xbox One for the next expansion and patches.

In his words, ** The expansion scale made it technologically difficult without compromising the player’s experience. It is probably more prudent not to invest time and resources on these platforms, if the result is likely to be disappointing. A new campaign for players and reimbursement requests would be inappropriate.


The main data to remember about phantom liberty

The expansion presents a completely new district for Night City , with a radically different structure from the rest of the city. History also aims to take an innovative form, very different from what the studio did in the base game. This story should take place in parallel with that of the base game (a bit like The Witcher 3), since Johnny Silver hand is in the game. The different ends of the base game do not lend themselves to a sequel as is. Hank has not finished waiting for players in Embers.

The details are still unknown, but Phantom Liberty will involve the government of the United States, which has suffered a lot in the Cyberpunk universe, and intends to cover Night City, considered an independent city of corporate property.

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