Why did Daemon beat the messenger in House of the Dragon?

Daemon Targaryen is easily the most interesting and complex character of House of the Dragon at this time, and the motivations behind his actions are often vaguely left vaguely. The third episode of the program demonstrates even more this point, so here is Why did Daemon hit the messenger in House of the Dragon? .

Why did Daemon beat the messenger in House of the Dragon?

Towards the end of the third episode, we see a Messenger of the King’s landing informing Daemon that Viserys would send men and ships to the stone steps to help him beat the crab. After reading the letter, Daemon begins to violently hit the messenger with his helmet. Considering what we have seen of his relationship with Viserys so far, It is probably safe to infer that Daemon hits the messenger because he is enraged when he thought he could only defeat the crab with his brother’s help.

It has been shown that Daemon is a rather arrogant and prince prince, so it is logical that he could not bear the idea of accepting the help of his brother weak of him to achieve victory. Viserys also says the same in the previous scene, where he tells Rhaenyra that Daemon did not ask for help and that he would prefer to die rather than ask for his brother’s help.

Especially after having spent three years fighting a war against the crab on stone steps, the idea that he could finally only get that victory with the help of Viserys must have hurt Daemon. In the second episode, Daemon had also accepted the war with Crabfeeder because this would be an opportunity for him to demonstrate his value to the world, so he had much at stake in this. This led him to download his anger in the messenger and, subsequently, to make an reckless and bold impulse against Crabfeeder’s forces.

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