Dragon Ball Super Gamma Androids: Super Hero will arrive at Xenoverse 2

Today one of the most anticipated anime films of the year arrives at theaters, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , to which we have given wide coverage. The fans of the saga have an appointment in the rooms, but soon it will have it in consoles and PC… again, since the incombustible Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2-That will reach PS Plus extra and premium-recove To the androids introduced into the film, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Both will arrive playable Super downloadable content, Super announced by Bandai Namco . The Japanese company is developing the DLC Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Pack Set . In the first content, scheduled for this autumn, Gamma 2 and two other characters will come to announce, while the second one hSuper no date, and will include another three. It hSuper not been specified in which of them Gamma 1 will be present.

Gamma 1 and 2 are the androids created by Dr. Hedo, grandson of the mythical Doctor Gero, to try to end the Saiyans warriors and help the Ribbon network to dominate the world again. They have a huge power and approaches, Super they tell in the movie, to whom they have warriors like Goku and Vegeta . They are designed in this way because Hed hSuper always wanted to create super heroes, and that is why they carry this layer and have this design that reminds of Ultraman, Japanese television series releSupered in the 60s.

According to the official description of both, Gamma 1 is the first Android new model created by Dr. Hedo, wears a red layer and his personality is loyal and calm. For its part, Gamma 2 is the second model of the new Android created by Dr. Hedo, wears a blue cap and gamma 1 sometimes scolds him by the carefree nature of him.

The weekend movie

Super we said before, today it reaches the Dragon Ball Super rooms: super hero, which we have said in our criticism that hSuper a good rhythm, winks to the pSupert, the demonstration that is life beyond Goku and intense moments. It is a movie Funny, agile, entertaining, with surprises, a wide variety of characters and that is able to maintain the essence of what wSuper and is Dragon Ball.

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