Where to get Omnium Star 3 in Lost Ark

Lost ARK has many collection items that you can find and exchange for awards. One of these collecting items is Omnium Stars. You can start collecting them very late in the game, so if you have not heard about them yet, do not worry! To find Omnium Star 3, you will need access to the continent punika . To do this, you must be at 3 with a minimum item. Level 1340 .

how to get Omnium Star 3 in Lost Ark

This Omnium star can be one of the easiest to receive, but definitely requires the most time. You will need to get NIA to the stage of trust. You can find a ni in the office of Matriarchy in the village of NIA.

This requires a fairly large dedication, since 57,000 points are required to achieve this stage. Having completed this task, you can get the Omnium Star 3 reward, as well as the charisma potion.

You can achieve this by performing the following actions:

* Play music
* Heavenly Harmony-300 RP
* Harmony song-350 RP.
* Emotions
* Lyilai-300 rupees

  • Give gifts
    • You can give gifts of mutual understanding to everyone who has an understanding guide. You can see them when click alt + n on your keyboard. The Research Institute has no preferences regarding what gifts she likes.

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