Inscryption: All trophies – this is how you get platinum

In our Trophy guide to Inscryption you can find out:

  • How many trophy insicption offers
  • What requirements the trophies have
  • How you get the platinum trophy


there are so many trophies in insecryption

On the PS4 and PS5 you can earn a total of 41 trophies in the Inscryption :

25x bronze *
12x silver
3x gold
* 1x platinum

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Inscryption: All bronze trophies

The bronze trophies in the in the crypt are primarily about the fact that you have to defeat numerous opponents .

Name Description Trophy
Blood artists Complete your first death card. bronze
Harmless insect Free a stink bob from the safe. bronze
Let go of the beasts Free the wolf statue from its cage. bronze
Vision of ancestors Fill your empty eye socket with something magical. bronze
Born hope Find an unused film role. bronze
Persistent victory Defeat Leshy. bronze
Damned ghost label Complete the temple of the dead. bronze
Penerant druid Complete the temple of the beasts. bronze
Completed combat machine Complete the temple of technology. bronze
Magic teacher Complete the temple of magic. bronze
Anxious ore Defeat the gold seeker. bronze
Gray angler Defeat the angler. bronze
Second face Defeat the traper and the dealer. bronze
Balance of forces Allow P03 to gain control over insirypt. bronze

Access of darkness | Defeat the archivist. | bronze
Essence | Defeat the photographer. | bronze
Painter’s servant | Defeat the unfinished boss. | bronze
Nature closeness | Defeat D0Nnerl1ttchen. | bronze
Murder | Experience the death of P03. | bronze
Dubious challenge | Complete challenge level 1 in Kaycees Mod. | bronze
Tunal challenge | Complete challenge level 4 in Kaycees Mod. | bronze
Masterful precision mechanics | In Kaycees Mod, unlock all 3 objects from the oil painting. | bronze
Beginner error | Go in a passage of Kaycees Mod 10 mistakes. | bronze
Pull your teeth | Pull in Kaycees mod 32 teeth. | bronze
Moon shadow | Defeat Leshy in Kaycees Mod without destroying the moon. | bronze

Inscryption: All silver trophies

Caution: If you want to call all silver trophies your own, you shouldn’t empty the trash **.

Name Description Trophy
Renewal Start a new game. Silver
Squirrel driver Win a struggle with damage from squirrels. Silver
Cruel encore Let the mushroom artists carry out an experiment on a creature that is already the result of an experiment. Silver
Role exchange Stand back one of your creatures from the angler. Silver
Dramatic final Complete the final of the INSCROPTION. Silver
Collection maneuver Collect every card in the original insecryption. Silver
Black gift Bring a gift to the bone. Silver
Forgotten secrets Receive all 5 cards from the dealer in P03S factory. Silver
Grim bounty Destroy a bounty hunter card of level 3. Silver
Painful remorse Do not empty the trash. Silver
Challenging roar Complete challenge level 8 in Kaycees Mod. Silver
Beginning // End Complete a passage with each starting deck in Kaycees Mod. Silver

INSCROPTION: Gold and platinum trophies

Diligent trophy collectors can also look forward to a platinum trophy when it comes to Inscryption on PS4 and PS5.

Name Description Trophy
Teufelspiel Purpose more than 666 damage in the original INSCROPTION. gold
Accept the challenge Complete challenge level 12 in Kaycees Mod. gold
Totensturm Complete a passage in Kaycees Mod, in which every challenge is active. gold
Hey, your card game fans Switch off all other trophies. platinum

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