Hanbitsoft Aika, Point Arena Update

The PC online MMORPG ‘Aika’, which is serviced by Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung-hyun), will showcase the new PVP content ‘Point Arena’ and will hold various events such as new and return users’ level jumping.

The new content ‘Point Arena’ will be held twice a day as a contents of 48 vs 48 battles in the new battlefield ‘Blood Forest’, which is divided into two camps, regardless of its country.

When the user participates in the ‘Point Arena’ participation, the user is distributed evenly according to the class as ‘Sol Base’ or ‘Mani Base’. do.

‘Point Arena’ minimizes stress about the death of users by winning the cumulative damage of the other characters until the end time. At the same time, you can enjoy more strategic and thrilling battles through a variety of systems that can reverse the early thirteenth, such as ‘Ace’, ‘Myeongsu of Reverse’, and ‘Fever Time’.

After participating in the ‘Point Arena’, the user can receive the ‘Point Arena Mark’ as a victory and defeat compensation, and gathers the signs of ‘Valaronix’ and a limited costume set at a new sign store, a decision-making item of buff potion and horsepower. You can buy it. ‘Valara Onics’ is the first promotion character-only experience item that can be used up to level 40.

Aika also held a rich event to celebrate the update. Among the users who participated in the ‘Point Arena’, the title of the Black Lake is provided through the lottery, and the user who writes the testimony and reviews on the website ‘Consultation and Discussion’ bulletin. to provide.

In addition, new and return users grow ‘+12-reinforced conqueror gear core equipment selection box’ and ‘Jumping Pass Lv99’, which can immediately grow 99 levels through the 2022 jumping package box, which is paid only by connecting to. You can get abundant benefits such as various premium items useful for.

In addition, it will provide an increase in experience with an increase of up to 350% and an increase of 200% honor score for anyone to grow rapidly during the same period.

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