Donation of donations raised with the user, the origin of the ages of the sea ages

Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) announced on the 30th that it delivered donations to the World Natural Fund (WWF) during the pre-booking period at the Open World MMORPG ‘Aviation Origin’.

The donation delivered this time is 30 million won raised with the user during the pre-booking period of the ‘Sea Era of Ocean’, which was held from July 12 to August 21. The amount of money that was aimed at with the user’s great response and active participation was achieved early.

The donation ceremony was held on the 26th with the attendance of Park Min-hye of WWF and Kim Mi-eun, head of Line Games. The donation will be used to support WWF plastic reduction activities, which will be carried out as part of creating a clearer sea.

Meanwhile, the ‘Sea Age Origin’ started its official service on the 23rd and can be played through Mobile (AOS/iOS) and PC (Line Games Floor). For more information on game information and events, please visit the brand page, the official community and the official YouTube.

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