Nexons summer summer, which changed significantly from last year

The season that comes to mind when Nexon is ‘summer’. Nexon’s main IP, Maple Story, Dungeon & Fighter, and Mabinogi, showed an increase in the number of concurrent users, PC rooms, and new users in summer. Unfortunately, last summer, last summer, Colona 19 and other issues did not prove the nickname of Summer Nexon, but this year is different. Through the update and service of the contents, we once again regained the position of the summer strong.

Why did Nexon slow last year?

The reason why Nexon could be a strong summer is because there are a lot of low-age users, including students among Nexon game fans, and have been updated for the summer vacation where they can enjoy the game in earnest. In particular, Maple Story has launched new characters and dungeons every year, and has been called ‘summer strong’ in the domestic game world. In fact, Maple Story’s highest concurrent users were 620,000 in the summer of the August 2011 Update. I have been in the past.

But last year it was different. Following the continued decline throughout the first half of the year, the top 5 was only named in TOP 10 in July-August. There was no rebound even though the eye-catching new job appeared.

The same was true of dungeons and fighters and Mabino. In the case of Dungeon & Fighter, the average of PC room usage time was 8.2th from August 9 to August 22, 2020, but in 2021, the average ranking dropped to 8.7 in the same period. The same is true of Mabino, which fell from 57th in 2020 to 62th in 2021.

Why did Nexon games last summer definitely sluggish the ranking competition compared to the nickname of summer? There were many reasons, but the biggest incident was that the Maple Story probability of the probability of Maple Story in early 2021 continued. Nexon was as powerful in the summer to run an update, but did not restore the user’s public sentiment.

The status of the summer stronger who regained again


Fortunately, this decline is being recovered in 2022. In particular, Maple Story succeeded in re-occupying the emperor’s position beyond the summer strong. Based on the game trix, Maple Story, which was 8th in PC rooms and 10th in the game mecca in July-August last year, ranked 5th in PC room usage time and 6-7th in the game mecca this year. All of this took place immediately after the summer vacation update.

Mabino has also improved the situation much more than last year. Nexon said in July 2022 that the total number of new users increased more than doubled compared to the same month last year. In July to August, the PC room daily usage time increased from an average of 2,577 hours to 7,314 hours, and the average overall ranking rose from 59th to 36th. Literally dramatic changes have been made. Mabinogi also rose similarly around the summer update.

In the case of Dungeon & Fighter, IP has a new life. Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is making a new ranking strategy with a new ranking. In particular, in the game mecca rankings, he has been active in the 30th place even in the summer since the chart. In addition, considering that new IP utilization such as DNF dual has been released, the power of dungeons and fighters has risen from last year.

Public sentiment recovered through continuous communication

This is the result of Nexon’s efforts such as communication and system improvement that Nexon continued from early last year to this year. In the case of MapleStory, the company practiced the willingness to communicate by opening a continuous live talk rather than a huge update last year, and the director of Kang Won-ki and the live broadcast with YouTube had a great influence on public sentiment. It was effective that the major effort was added to the summer vacation update.

The same is true for Mabinogi and Dungeon & Fighter. Mabinogi continued to communicate steadily since the March last year’s meeting, and revised various beginner contents, including tutorials, to increase the number of new flowers, and this part was reflected in the game. Dungeon & Fighter has been well received since the update and presentation of Yoon Myung-jin, and continued to communicate on YouTube, and other game fans also enjoyed the ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ IP image.

Nexon, who has been struggling but regained the status of the summer strong, will be filled with new works in 2022. In addition to the hit 2, which will be released on the 25th, there are various new works such as Cartrider IP sequel, Cartrider Drift, First Desendent, and Bail Expert. Let’s see if Nexon can continue this momentum by the end of this year.

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