How to install and play Valheim VR Mod

If you want to install and play Valheim VR Mod, you should start with a visit The official fashion page on the Nexus Mod website. When visiting the fashion page for Valheim VR, you want to download the latest version of the mod. You can download the latest version by going to the file section on the fashion page and downloading the latest download. But besides the most updated version of the mod, you will still need to download Bepinexpack Valheim .

Bepinexpack is a general target for modding Unity, which is required to launch Valheim VR mod. Nevertheless, you can find Beiinexpack on his Fashion page at the website of Thunderstore . Download both recent versions of Valheim VR Mod and Beiinexpack, and you are ready to start installing Valheim VR.

The first step for installing Valheim VR after downloading all the necessary files is to open the VR mod folder and moving the following files in folder with the game Valheim Steam :

  • Bepinex

  • Valheim_data

Nevertheless, after copying the contents of the Valheim VR mod, the next step will be moving files inside Beiinexpack to the Valheim game folder. In the next step, you will want to highlight all the files inside Bepinexpack_valheim folder and copy them into the game folder, as shown below.

After copying all files to the Bepinexpack_valheim folder, you just installed the Valheim VR mod. But, if you performed all the steps correctly, your play with the game should look like our image indicated below.

How to configure valheim vr

The next step before starting Valheim VR is to activate the game for proper work. Start by opening the Valheim properties tab and check Use the desktop game theater while Steamvr is active option. You can find the Game Theater option in general settings on the Steam game properties tab. To open the properties tab, click the game under the list of games with the right mouse button and select the properties.

Nevertheless, after checking the game theater option, you will want to launch the game and put on the headset. Once in the game, you must open the graphics settings and turn off the following graphics parameters:

  • Blur
  • Bloom
  • Depth of field
  • SSAO
    * Change the game resolution to 1080p.

After changing the resolution and all other settings listed above, you must restart the game so that all changes come into force. After that, you can play Valheim VR, joining a friend with a mod or creating a world in a single game.

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