Com2us launches global blockchain mainnet Xpla

[Park Ye-jin Park Ye-jin reporter] Com2us Group announced on the 22nd that the blockchain mainnet ‘XPLA’ was officially launched.

XPLA created the Genesis Block on the afternoon of the 19th and operated the blockchain mainnet. Genesis block means the first block recorded on the blockchain network.

According to the company, the first incineration of existing C2X tokens was also completed before the creation of the Genesis block. The incinerated C2X is reissued with the same quantity XPLA along with the main net operation. The C2X, which is not distributed on the market, conducts incineration and recurrence procedures several times for a certain period of time. C2X, which is in distribution, will also be converted to the same quantity XPLA at a certain time.

Com2us Group collaborated with Jena Ad, Dex Lab, and Hatch Labs to build a stable blockchain network environment. Partners such as Ogis and Delight were joined in the initial verifiers of the mainnet. It plans to secure compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) within the year to increase scalability. Com2us Group explained that various games, meta buses, and NFT exchanges, which are introduced around the company, are expected to lead the expansion of the XPLA mainnet.

The XPLA official website was also released. The vision of growing into a blockchain ecosystem that encompasses future digital content and platforms is reflected. This week, the white paper will be released through the official website.

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