Pokemon Shuffle will come to an end soon

Gradually the services of the Nintendo EShop are coming to an end, with titles that will no longer be able to buy and therefore, they will be lost as an official retro content by the Japanese company. Now, it is confirmed that a title of Pokémon quite dear will end shortly after the store, and this is neither more nor less than Shuffle .

From March 31 , players will no longer be able to access daily login bonds, play classification games, and not get data from different events. Fortunately, it has been mentioned that it is only for Nintendo 3DS, so users can pass the data to the mobile version to preserve the progress.

Even with all this, players can still play standard stages within the video game, but it would be limited exclusively to this, so it is somewhat more advisable to move to the mobile version. This is part of the casualty that some titles will have for the platform, yes, the online mode still has no date to stop working in other games.

In news related to the world of Pokémon . It was recently confirmed that the saga is reaching the happy box of McDonald’s , but many users are not happy with the final result of the distribution of toys and gift letters. If you want to know the reasons behind this anger, we invite you to click on this link.

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