Call of Duty Warzone Armament: What are the most used and best performance weapons this week, August 15

The review of the Call of Duty Warzone weapons last week showed that the goal of Battle Royale was after-after-weapons legs. It was necessary for another week to finish establishing itself. And he has done it!

By way of summary: The assault rifle Kg M40 and subfusil Nonchaguerra 43 were the protagonists of Call of Duty Warz1. The UGM-8 machine gun became the new promise. How will the goal evolved this week? I tell you below.

Armament in Call of Duty Warzone: Warzone’s new goal is established

It is official: the reign of the subfusiles H4 Blixen and Marco 5 has died. The H4 has almost disappeared from all tables, while frame 5 is maintained and ends up winning the competition between them. When to surprises, the combat shotgun and the subfusil UGR sneak into the lists without warning. But what happened this week?

Once again, I turn to Wzranked to see how the boards are today, August 19, to make a comparison with last week and tell you what are the weapons you should use this weekend and next week to be to be competitive.

As you can see, the goal that I showed you last week has been established: the subfusil Nonchaguerra 43 and the assault rifles Kg M40 and Carabina Coopera continue to lead the lists. The machine gun UGM-8 , which arrived last week surprisingly at the top of the lists, continues very present. This means that it was not a rise as a result of a specific test of the community.

most used and effective weapons this week (August 15-21)

At first glance, the protagonists are the same weapons as last week: Armaguerra 43 , Kg M40 and UGM-8 . As surprises we have the combat shotgun (Combat Shotgun) and UGR . The ballistic shield remains immortal and immovable.

Pick ratio

As usual, I begin the specific review with the pick ratio. The Nonguaguerra 43 , the Kryptonite of the subfusiles H4 Blixen and Marco 5 , has continued its ascent until it is unbank the assault rifle Kg M40 of its first place.

The Cooper Carbine remains in third place, although its effectiveness numbers are red. It is very likely to fall in front of the assault rifle STG44 , which has ascended with respect to last week and has left the subfusil in fifth place Frame 5 . The subfusil H4 Blixen and the assault rifle Kilo 141 continue to descend. In fact, the latter has red numbers in its effectiveness.

K/D ratio

We leave the favoritisms of the community (Pick ratio) and we focus on effectiveness. What are the weapons that kill the most? Vanguard’s combat shotgun leads this week’s table. How? Why?, And when? Its 1.36 exceeds 1.31 of the Combat shield and 1.30 of the subfusil Nonchaguerra 43 **.

The weapons that kill Call of Duty Warzone today are the Combat Shield and the ** Vanguard’s combat shotgun. So that then they say that the goal does not change…

The subfusil H4 Blixen loses its throne as a weapon that kills the most with 1.28 points, closely followed by the 1.24 points of the assault rifle Kg M40 . The subfusil Marco 5 and the machine gun UGM-40 occupy the sixth and seventh place.

Victorias ratio

The table that shows the ratio of victories, weapons that are used to win more games, is the table that has suffered the most changes with respect to last week. The Combat shield maintains its throne with 4.01 points. In second place, the subfusil UGR of Cold War, a stranger for many users of the Warzone community.

Beyond the first two stalls are the combat shotgun (surprise this week), the machine gun UGM-8 , the rifle SVT-40 and the subfusil Nonchaguerra 43 . All avant-garde weapons with the exception of the UGR and ZRG 20mm of Cold War.

Finally, the tables above show you a general look at the movement of weapons, what game has more active weapons in Warzone and what kind of weapon is used more. Vanguard and the assault rifles are the most popular weapons in general terms.

In summary: This week’s stars weapons are the subfusil Nonchaguerra 43 , the assault rifle Kg M40 and the machine gun UGM-8 . The surprises of the week are the combat shotgun and the subfusil UGR Vanguard in both cases.

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