Pokemon Co., Ltd. announced that it will donate more than 3.3 billion yen to support children. Continue social activities with peace and child

The Pokémon Company International (TCPI) announced on August 15, local time on August 15 that it will donate at least $ 25 million in the next five years to a charity that supports children. 41 organizations have been published as a target, and it may be added in the future.

TCPI is a subsidiary of Pokemon Co., Ltd. overseas business. Through CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities, the company has raised a mission to deliver the fun of Pokemon to people around the world. Under the goal of having a good impact on children and communities, he concluded a partnership with an organization that works for children’s life support and social equality. It has been announced that it will donate at least $ 25 million (about 3.3 billion yen) in five years to 41 organizations, including the international NGO group Save the Children. This donation includes financial support to groups, as well as goods and support for goods such as Pokemon Card Games.

According to the conclusion of this partnership, TCPI president Kenji Okubo stated: The Pokemon brand has been entertained for children around the world for 25 years and has nurtured its imagination. Based on the universal theme of adventure, friendship, and patience, in the life of various fans around the world. It has been accepted. We use the individuality of each person and the support from a wide range of communities to give positive power to children’s lives and create a fair and comprehensive world that everyone can play an active part. I’m focusing.


In March this year, the company donated $ 200,000 to support Ukraine. This statement was a particularly quick movement among global companies. Pokemon Co., Ltd. has been successful in management, and sales in the fiscal year ending February 2022 are reported to increase 70%year-on-year to ¥ 204.2 billion. The benefits of gained will be returned to fulfill social responsibility, such as world peace and children.

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