Multiversus: several leaks point to Black Adam and Gremlins as new roster characters

After a start by the community, Multiversus is accelerating its activity with the beginning of its season 1 , which significantly includes a ranked classified mode. To complete all this, Warner’s fighting game always continues with its routine and is beginning to create a fairly tasty characters.

And this is not ready to dry, since Warner has franchises under the elbow. The list of characters that will appear in the game is already long, and the following will be Rick and Morty. But a recent image reveals that Black Adam and a Gremlin are also waiting for us in turn , although these two boys have not appeared in any Dataminers list so far!

A strange appearance that makes all the meaning of the world


The image in which we can see Black Adam and Gremlins would be an announcement shared by several users on Twitter. The problem is that neither of these two characters has been confirmed by Warner. None appeared in the file lists extracted from data related to the characters to come. Therefore, The information must still be taken with tweezers, and some fans fear a falsification, But there are many who have taken capture and everything aims to be a leak that could be possible.

However, an element tends to confirm the character of Black Adam in Multiversus; It is the premiere of the film of the same name, in October 2022 . In fact, Warner is likely to celebrate the premiere of the film through his fighting game. However, it is difficult to say if it is the figure of Dwayne Johnson (the actor with the film’s poster) that will be very playable in Multiversus in terms of the naughty Gremlins, his next exit does not seem related to a particular actuality but by the Simple fact of being classic dolls that will fall in love with the most nostalgic.

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