LOL: The most ridiculous play of a professional who will be impossible with the changes of season 13

When a change is announced for League of Legends , there are times when we can only ask how it is possible that no one had occurred before. A thought that has invaded us with one of the improvements that Riot Games has announced for the 13th season. It went a bit unnoticed between the flood of novelties to the jungle or the champions prepared by the developer. However, we refer to the adjustments that the vision guardians will receive . These elements, keys to control the game, will be much easier to place thanks to a new indicator on the screen.

A very important tiny change for League of Legends

From the same launch of League of Legends, there are countless tricks that players use to place the sentries beyond their reach. It is an impossible problem to easily solve since it implies changing the functioning of the invoker’s crack in a way that would modify both this situation of the guardians and the way in which the flash works or the skills capable of crossing walls. They are simply too serious consequences to eliminate something about what there are not too many complaints.


In this sense, what Riot Games has raised is to facilitate the way in which we can place the vision sentries so that everyone can use the same tricks and what to do well does not depend on having seen a few tutorials. A Solomonic decision that will avoid those ridiculous moments in which we err two or three times and ended up placing our guardians everywhere except the place where we would want to be. It is something that, from time to time, happens to everyone and that professional players have even suffered.

In the first part of the video you can see one of the most iconic clips of the first years of League of Legends. In it, Scarra appears, one of the most reputed professional players of the time , trying to place a sentry on the lower lane bush and failing in the attempt. Although now a little context is missing, he even gave name to the location. In the same way that Lee’s mythical kick is known as Insec or Backdoor as Xpeke, the placement of said sentinel was called Scarra Ward.

Riot Games made it much easier to place that sentinel in particular, but there are still areas where it is very difficult to remember the exact point in which we have to click so that the guardian is placed in the correct pixel on the other side of the Wall. In fact, League of Legends developers have had in mind the mythical play we collect here. It is not a coincidence or use Kassadin or show their test in a map where to place vision has become relatively simple. Everything is in honor of the emblematic Scarra.

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