Shazam main actor became injured when playing Wii

The console Wii Without a doubt it was one of the most ambitious projects of Nintendo , this is because the company sought to address all kinds of players, whether casual or hardcore. And precisely one of the users was Zachary Levi, protagonist of Shazam , who apparently has no memories not very pleasant with the device of late 2006 .

In a recent interview with IMDB , the actor revealed how an accident with the console sent him to the hospital. Levi expressed his love for video games, he was even presenter of the Video Game Awards . The system had just left and the actor was awake half of the night playing tennis.

But, during one of the games, he moved his hand too high and very strongly, destroying a lamp and ending in the emergency room. He need 14 suture stitches because of the accident. One that was not surprise for those moments, since the Wiimotes jumped through the air with the sports title included in the console.

Here the interview:


In news related to Zachary Levi . Not long ago during the Comic-Con de San Diego , the launch of the next Shazam film was confirmed, which carries by subtitle Fury of the Gods . If you want to take a look at the full note, we invite you to click on the following link.

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