All locations of Mokoko seeds in Shady Cliff in Lost Ark

Lost ARK has many different objects of collecting and awards that you can find by traveling in the game. One of these items is Mokoko seeds. These seeds resemble small green fruits that glow even a brighter shade of green when they are found. Despite the fact that they can be found throughout the map, some of them can be a little difficult. In fact, some of them are hidden behind secret passages that are usually not visible!

There is 10 Mokoko seeds that need to be sought and collected shady cliff which is located in Feiton inside sea roller . You will have access to the entire Feiton continent, as soon as you reach the level 2 and the level of an object of at least 960. All locations of Mokoko seeds are shown below and are circled in red.

where to find all Mokoko seeds in Shady Cliff in Lost Ark


Like other Mokoko seeds in the Feyton area, it is important to note that you need to learn the song Requiem of the Soul to get Mokoko seeds located in the east and northwest. This song can be found after passing 70% of the adventurer folio. The only thing that should be noted in this area is that two seeds in the north can be obtained only by entering the secret passage, where both of them will be clearly visible.

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