Unpaid Declaration Entrance, DK Mobile: The Origin Google Play Popularity

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Entrance (CEO Kim Byung-soo) announced on the 8th that ‘DK Mobile: Dorijin’ was ranked No. 1 in Google Play.

DK Mobile: The Dorizine is the second game of the DK Mobile Series, which was released in 2021 and ranked 5th in Google Play, followed by ‘DK Mobile: Return of Heroes’. In particular, it is the first domestic MMORPG to introduce unpaid services, which is characterized by the lack of paid products and payment systems in the game. Video advertising is the only profit model.

DK Mobile: The Origin started its domestic service through Google Play on the 4th and has been ranked first in popularity since the 6th.

The company opened the second server ‘Ready’ last weekend to resolve the inconvenience of users due to server runaway, and will open the third server ‘Laden’ at 4 pm on the 8th.

Kim Yeon-soo, an entryption PM, said, Thank you for the hot support of the users who sent you to the Dorijin for the first time in Korea. I will do my best to provide stable services.

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