They reveal possible price of the Game Pass family subscription

It is currently known that there is a beta version of the family subscription of Xbox Game Pass , which has reached countries like Colombia and Ireland recently for Insiders. And now, a journalist comments on the possible price he would have, this with a discount that seems important for everything that the subscription service offers.

Jez Corden of Windows Central reveals that the family membership would be $ 24.99 USD according to his informants, this information can be correct, since the user announced the family method before than Microsoft . And if the current subscription costs $ 14.99 USD, would only be added $ 10 USD additional for four people to play.


When I originally informed this, they told me that the planned price for the US market was $ 24.99 for up to 4 family friends connected to their Microsoft account, similar to Office 365 for families.

If we use a similar percentage in the case of Mexico, region where the Game Pass costs $ 229 mxn per month, you can conclude that it would be about $ 379 mxn approximately. Although it is worth mentioning that this are only estimates, so waiting for a confirmation by Microsoft would be the best, something that can happen at any time.

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