Sims 4 Codes for promotion – move forward in your career

Do you want your Sim to climb the career ladder, but do not want to wait until this happens within a few hours of play? This is where cheats will come in handy. The Sims 4 has many different cheats that will help you succeed in all types of work. Here’s how to use them.

How to use SIMS 4 promotional codes

What do promotional codes do?

Codes for promotion make exactly what they are like. Simply put, they increase the career level of your Sim. This will raise them from the current level at which they are in their work, to the next higher level. They can be used when you have little time, if you are trying to restore untreated progress or for any other reason you want to deceive the status of your Sim.

how to use promotional codes

In order for the cheats to work, you need to open the command console in the game. To do this and enter the cheat, follow the following actions:

Hit ctrl+shift+c
Enter Testing
Write or copy/insert cheat you would like to use
Hit enter on the keyboard to confirm the cheat

All promotional codes in The Sims 4

Many professions are available in The Sims 4. For this reason, we have collected all available cheat codes for promoting a career ladder in a table convenient for reading. Use any of these codes to increase your Sim:

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