This Dragon Ball fanart takes a sexy look at Videl

As much, one of the anime series that continues to expand in the world is Dragon Ball, which continues to take manga publications and a film that has just been released in Japanese cinemas. This love for the characters leads fans to make fanarts of their favorite characters, and now, a follower gives a new point of view to Videl .

This female character had her first appearance during the Buu saga, being a partner of the High School of Gohan , same as she becomes her friend over time. This leads to the end of the story both marry and have the little one bread .

The fanart in question gives a more sexy touch to Gohan , but with a little more highlighted attributes by the artist, Elite Nappa . Here you can check it:

As can be seen, the fan of Dragon Ball pays attention to detail in the illustration, highlighting the factions of the face, even to the beach background in which the character is. You can also see Gohan in the back of the illustration, a whole colored that is good to see, a work that even the own Toriyama

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