How to choose a Riyak in Project Slayers

Project Slayers is a game in the Roblox genre, based on the anime Demon killer. As a rule, its control elements are simple for understanding, for example, LKM and PKM for hand-to-hand attacks or F for blocking incoming attacks.


However, when the player approaches Riyak in an early quest, the game does not inform you how to choose it to complete the quest. Join us, and we will explain how to choose a Riyak in Project Slayers.

How to get a Riyak in Project Slayers?

In one of the first quests of the game, you will be sent to fight with the subordinates of Zuko, carrying Riyaku, the younger sister of Somi. Although you have already proved that you are able to fight with subordinates, the game does not explain how to complete the second task that carries Riac.

Riyak’s raising is performed using the transfer function, which has its own binding of keys. For now , the default button for the transfer-h function, you must check the keyboard binding menu if this button does not work.

The key binding menu for Project Slayers is not in the Roblox settings menu by default, but in the Project Slayers settings menu. To access this menu, click M. Then press the gear icon to open the game settings. Here you will find key combinations for each function in Project Slayers.

To change the default keys, select Change and press the new key that you want to replace the old link.

The carrying function will appear in other plot quests, but now you can carry everything and everything.

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