The MMORPG Black Desert has updated a list of objects for a special barter and the effects of skills in some classes

The popular MMORPG Black Desert has received an update that brought some important changes, amendments to the balance of classes and various improvements and corrections. We will talk about the most important below.

The list of items of a special barter was increased: merchants now offer more goods for exchange. Also, the change was affected by the exchange for the islands of Invonen and Dellyllyl-Hart: it will allow novice wanderers to facilitate the receipt of black stones of nature, and to players with advanced ships to simplify the earnings of coins and materials for strengthening.

A new chain of tasks Lost Paradise appeared, which can be started provided that there is knowledge about the Sanctuary of the Service or Delpenio. As a reward for execution, you can get the experience of influence, and for the complete completion of the title what is impossible to forget.

All characters in the gait now looks more natural. Maeva, archer, sage and corsara was balancing some inheritance and awakening skills. In addition, Corsair has a new skill of patrack of crushed waves. You can read more about changes in the effects of skills here.

The season ended: fighting, so seasonal objects were removed along with the accepted tasks of this event and the names of servers were changed. The players who did not manage to complete the tasks standing before the choice or in the endless and harsh world were sent gifts to the in-game mail.


On the southern plain of the sergeys, the number of lizards increased, and in the underwater ruins of Sikhoria (the upper level), the ancient Elmermol weapon appeared. Also, the changes affected some items and the interface when collecting objects. You can read about this in detail here.

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