Multi-Co-op horror Lethal Company announced. Four people work together to explore the wriggling space facility of the intruder and bring back valuable supplies.

Zeekerss, an individual developer, announced Lethal Company on July 9th. The supported platform is PC (Steam).

Lethal Company is a four-player cooperative horror game. The stage is an abandoned satellite called 41 Experimentation. As scavengers who receive distress signals, players explore the satellite facilities that were once used for industry.


The facility collects valuable artifacts while investigating the source of the signal. You will be forced to decide whether to return or to descend further to reach the source. It is said that rogue light elements are also included, so there may be random elements in the stage.

In this work, it seems that his Intruders have entered the facility as an enemy. They say it takes time to establish their physical form. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of them as soon as they are found. However, once inside the facility, it seems that they cannot be driven away. In addition, you can see that the players carry the lights and clipboard in the trailer. In gameplay, there may be different roles depending on the item the player is in charge of.

This work is handled by individual developer Zeekerss. He has released several horror works on the gaming platform Roblox in the past. It was very popular, collecting tens of thousands of likes from users and winning events. In recent years, he has released highly acclaimed horror titles such as The Upturned and It Steals on Steam. The Upturned is popular for its perfect balance between comedy and horror, as well as playful puzzle-solving and action. In the Steam user reviews, 100% of the 275 reviews have a very popular status. Even in Lethal Company, the appearance of the player character looks a little comical. It seems that his style of being scared while having a comedy touch is reflected.

Lethal Company will be distributed to PC (Steam).

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