[BSC7] Chicken for 2 consecutive years, Gen.


Gen.G won match 7 on the 2nd day of BSC7.

On the 10th, the ‘BATTLEGROUNDS SMASH CUP (BSC)’ Season 7 Day 2 match was held.


BSC Season 7 is a competition in which domestic players check their strength before the start of the East Asian region tournament. A total of 16 teams including 12 professional teams from Korea and 4 open slot teams selected through ‘PLS Season 2’ held in April this year. participate

The winning team will be given an additional ticket to the weekly finals of the first week of the ‘PUBG Weekly Series (PWS) Phase 2’ and a weekly survival map option.

In BSC Season 7, the same as BSC Season 6, 5 matches will be played on the 1st day, and matches will be played until the winning team is announced on the 2nd day. If the team with a total score of 70 or more, including kill points and rank points, acquires chicken, the game ends immediately, and the team that ate the chicken becomes the champion of BSC Season 7. The championship requirement, which was at least 60 total points in Season 6, was adjusted to 70 in Season 7.

The 7-match magnetic field was formed by Erangel Milbe. At the beginning of the match, Go & Go Prince failed to ambush at the Bridge of Wailing and was counterattacked by GNL Esports. GNL’s ‘Roy”s focused performance became a watershed in turning the situation around.

In Phase 2, West Wailing Bridge, hunger stopped Ghibli Esports, but lost the battle against Eagle Owls.

Kwangdong Freecs had a battle with EM-Tech StormX on the ridge south of the magnetic field. Guangdong occupied the highlands and took a favorable view, and at the same time, with a sharp shot of ‘Hikari’, defeated EM Tech without loss of personnel.

Damwon Kia slowly succeeded in in-circle while being hit by a magnetic field, but failed to break through the barrier of Maru Gaming and was eliminated.

In the TOP4, Maru Gaming, Gen.G, BSG Carpediem, and Kwangdong Freex survived. Maru Gaming quickly finished the BSG located at the octagonal pavilion and took the initiative in the magnetic field.

Gen.G organized Guangdong with ‘Inonix’ and then quickly organized Maru Gaming’s ‘Two Star’ and ‘Hyeokseong’ to gain a numerical advantage.

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