What fortnite should you play? PS5/Xbox Series X

Fortnite has transcended to be a mere experience of Battle Royale to a cultural phenomenon, with several pop culture collaborations to keep things constantly fresh on his map of the island. There are game icons, Star Wars Jedis, Marvel superheroes and real-life icons of the games industry, all on the list of masks that players can get at Fortnite Battle Royale. Now he also managed to reach all possible platforms, and that raises the question of on which platform you should play Fortnite?

Here, we will review the pros and cons of PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, so you can discover where you can better exceed those levels for your battle pass and winning your Victory Royales!


What platform did you play Fortnite?

Let’s start with the most doubtful platform that you should play Fortnite. Let’s take away all the obvious positive aspects of the road. Fortnite on PS4 contains both the Battle Royale PVP Free Battle mode and the Save The World PVE payment mode that will be launched for free at the end of this year. This is the same on all platforms except in one, which we will see specifically later.

In terms of your experience with Fortnite on PS4, it is quite standard. Receive updates at the same time, the general online experience is solid and you have multiplatform games with PC and mobile players. However, there are some areas that stop the PS4.

However, these are mainly based on charging times, performance and visual fidelity of the game. As the PS4 has a traditional hard drive, instead of an SSD found in the PS5 and Xbox Series X, load times are much longer, which means that it will wait a lot while the game initially starts and between games.

Because the PS4 is also quite old now, it will not get the best performance of it. The graphics themselves will not be as polished as will be seen on the PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5, and it is possible that the game has difficulties to execute at 60 fps constantly.

In general terms, playing Fortnite on PS4 is fine, but now some roughness appear that do not make it a perfect platform to play the Epic Battle Royale title now.

Xbox one

What platform did you play Fortnite?

Going to the other important player in the space of the console when it comes to Fortnite, the Xbox One has some advantages over the PS4. As usual, we are not only receiving Fortnite’s complete experience with the available PVP and PVE an impressive fortnite performance on the console.

The Xbox One X Queen supremely, offering the best frame speed and average resolution in the 60 FPS Fps mode of Foundry a few months ago, despite being a little less stable. However, if you play in the original Xbox One, performance is the worst of all consoles. It is not so bad that you are going to be at a disadvantage, but it may not look so well.

In addition to that, you can also link your Epic Games account to multiple platforms playing at Xbox One. That means you could be part of a Victory Royales squad with your friends at home in Xbox, before using your switch to overcome some challenges in your Switch on the train the next day. Or maybe you just want to play on the PC or mobile when you can’t access your Xbox. Well, all the progress of your Fortnite account will be transferred, and you can also play against all these different platforms.

If you have both the PS4 and the Xbox One, we recommend that you play at Xbox One (as long as you are satisfied with a small drop in performance for the original Xbox One owners). You get the same experience, but you can play with friends and players from PC, switch and mobile devices. Ah, and Xbox Live is an incredibly stable online network, so it will be very rare that you cannot play because the network does not work.

PS5 and Xbox X Series | S

What platform did you play Fortnite?

It may seem very strange from our part to combine PS5 and Xbox Series X | s on the same page here, but it is really good for players who have any of these current generation consoles, because the experience is almost identical.

Both consoles have a SSD, so Fortnite benefits from ultra-granted load times that will make you reach the island in seconds. They also have many more computational ’horses, so to speak, which means that you can execute the game to 4K and 60 fps resolutions, or if you wish, you can increase that table of paintings to 120 fps for a super fluid game.

Conclude that with all the usual cross-play and cross progression functions, improved lighting and texture active and a smaller installation size thanks to that SSD and essentially has an almost perfect fortnite package.


What platform did you play Fortnite?

Fortnite in Nintendo Switch is a double-edged sword. While its portability makes the challenges for some games before bedtime or on your trip to work are a possibility without having to sit in front of a giant screen or play on the small screen of your smartph1. It is that perfect average term, but for the experience to work in the less powerful switch, some cuts had to be made.

Nintendo Switch is the only platform of these four that does not do it and * I will not If you only worry about playing the Battle Royale mode, this will not matter to you much, but who knows how popular this mode could become when it is launched for free at the end of this year.

In addition, the performance of the switch version is considerably worse, with notable photograms speed problems, a shorter drawing distance and textures that seem more murky than the other platforms. This can be harmful when playing against other platforms (more about that in a second), since it can make distant enemies much more difficult. It is also something that must take into account if Fortnite is going to play on the screen of a small tablet, since distant objects become much more difficult to detect.

On the positive side, the Nintendo Switch version is multiplatform compatible with all versions of the game. If you have a switch and you already play Fortnite on PC or Xbox One, we recommend that you download it also in your hybrid.

It can overcome challenges that do not require such fast reactions, such as looking for chests or interacting with specific elements around the map, before leaving it on the dock for a large screen experience when things get serious.

Would we recommend playing Fortnite mainly on Nintendo Switch if you have access to other platforms? No. But it is certainly an exceptional option to have at your disposal.


What platform did you play Fortnite?

And finally we have Fortnite on PC. This is the same central experience that you will get on PS4 and Xbox One, with available PVE and PVP modes if you are willing to pay the early access rate for Save The World. However, the PC has a series of unique advantages that it simply cannot get on the other platforms.


First, there is something to say about the level of skill of the players you will find on the PC. Because the mouse and keyboard are an incredibly fast and precise control method, you are likely to discover that players are much more capable of building at incredible speeds or firing that sniper in the head from hundreds of meters away in the PC than in the console. This does not mean that everyone on the PC is a Ninja-style genius, but it is something to be careful when contemplating Fortnite on the PC.

However, it works in both directions, since if you are also competent to play with the mouse and the keyboard, you will have an advantage over any player of other platforms. It will also allow you to build much faster and more confidently, so if you are looking for the best of the best, you will probably want to play on the PC.

In addition, due to the update nature of the PCs, this version of Fortnite is able to execute 4K resolutions with exceptional table speeds and other graphic options to the maximum on the correct platform. Even low-end PC should be able to execute Fortnite comfortably with decent resolutions, but always verify before trying.


What platform did you play Fortnite?

Honestly, there is not much difference when it comes to deciding on which platform you want to play Fortnite. But, to give him a definitive winner, we will break down things on this page of conclusions here.

For us, the last platform on which we would recommend playing Fortnite at this time is Switch. This is efficiently due to the performance of the game in the Nintendo hybrid system. At five years, he has a hard time staying with PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, and even with PS4 and Xbox One to a lesser extent.

Easily, the best platforms in the front of the console are PS5 and Xbox Series X | s respectively. Both offer a 4K resolution and up to 120 fps, fast loading times thanks to their SSD and all the kinds of cross progression and cross-game that are now standard in all versions of the game. There is really nothing to separate the two current generation consoles, which is great for players around the world.

Fortnite’s Xbox One and PS4 versions offer practically the same experience as Xbox Series X | S and PS5, except for improved performance and much faster load times on the consoles of the current generation. They are an excellent option if you are looking to play Fortnite on consoles, but it has not yet been able to choose a PS5 or series x | s.

If you have enough confidence to face the players a little more advanced in the PC version of Fortnite and you have a fairly powerful system, this is definitely the best place to play. The mouse and keyboard make pointing and building much faster, and is currently where the competitive scene is flourishing more, if it is something you are interested in jumping.

However, before continuing, we want to make it completely clear that it doesn’t matter in which platform play Fortnite, you will continue to obtain the same great central experience. While you can get Victory Royale, that’s all that really matters!

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