The cat Cyberpunk Stray is the top with Steams wish ristol ranking. Did the rival scandal resonate?

A change has occurred in the Wish Listing Ranking of Steam. It seems that the top has been replaced. The cat game’s breakthrough and the scandal of the game that have been leading for a while may be related to the top replacement.

In Steam, there is a function called a wish list. If you register the title you are interested in with the wish list, you can receive notifications at the start of the distribution or sale. In unofficial database Steamdb, which collects Steam data, this wish list is ranked. Among them, a wish list ranking limited to games scheduled to be released in the future has also been created. STRAY has recently decorated the top of the ranking.

Stray is an adventure game set in a cyberpunk world. The protagonist is a stray cat. The cat is separated from his family, declining, and gets lost in the long-lasting city of Cyber City. The residents of this city are shadowed robots. There are even more dangerous creatures, and there is an atmosphere that does not reach the invited person. The cat will solve the mystery hidden in this different world to return to his hometown. It goes through the Neon fluctuating town as a cat.

The work will be released for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5. PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscriber can play without purchasing games. However, many users want to play the same work on Steam. He rushed to the release of the Wish Rist Ranking in the future and finally reached the top. It can be said that the most expected game in Steam is now.


So what was the top so far? It is The Day Before. This work is an open world survival MMO set in the dangerous United States after the pandemic. Players aim to survive in a world where people who are hungry and survivors who are hungry and survivors kill food, weapons, and cars. Expectations were given by the ambitious concepts and beautiful visuals.

However, it was pointed out that the developer, FNTASTIC, is operated by a free and mixed volunteer staff, and has been criticized for the fact that there are staff who work without paying financially (related articles (related articles. ) It is unknown whether this problem has affected, but the day before has fallen from the leader of Wish Liste Ranking, which will be released in the future for the first time in about a month. Stray will be released on July 19, which will disappear from this ranking, but it is likely that The Day Before will return to the top. In addition, it is roughly about 23%as a rate in which Wish list registration leads to purchase (report by Valve as of 2016).

The following titles are Hollow Knight: Silkson, Party Animals, and Starfield. In the game ranking that is followed by a similar chart, Steam, which is scheduled to be released in the future, Party Animals is the overwhelming top with more than 100,000 other titles away. If you are interested, please check out both rankings.

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