Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Meet Sena, the fighter who completes Agnuss trio with Mio and Taion

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the next title of the Monolith Soft license and its launch will take place on July 29, within a little less than a month. So we are going to return to some of the protagonists who are present in him as Seine that is who we are talking about today.

Sena, AGNUS soldier

Sena is one of the soldiers of the nation called Agnus. It is also one of the members of the protagonist group that we interpret in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. as well as the rest of the characters, its first appearance was during the Nintendo Direct of February 2022. with Sena, we must not let ourselves be fooled by the physical since it has a colossal force even if it is quite small. His hobby is the same as Lanz who is to train during the breaks they take. A perfect way to stay fit. Within your adventure, she will be accompanied by taion and mine before joining the other protagonists.

In the Direct we could know a little more about it, being the one who reveals the possibility of varying the Uroboros according to who carries the singing voice in the merger.

  • SENA
  • Nation: AGNUS
  • Age: 18 years
  • Friends: taion and mine

Sena, as of destruction

In combat, Sena knows how to use her strength to use her huge hammer. We see her using him to hit Lanz in the first trailer. Inside the group, she will be the DPS par excellence and unlike Noah who is more a balanced fighter, Sena will be the one who puts the brute force on the table.


With her class Ogro , her objective will be to inflict as much damage to her enemies. To do this, she can count on different arts that will allow her to hit the rival. She can also * use her link to merge with Lanz and become Uroboros ** during battles.

  • Role: DPS
  • Class: Ogro
  • Weapon: Hammer
  • Form a duo with Lanz
  • Characteristics: Load, demolish enemies.

She also keeps in mind that she, like the other five protagonists, she can change class and role.

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