Thq Nordic opens up a workplace in Singapore, the editor on the attack on South Asia

After the United States in 2012, after that Japan in 2019, Thq Nordic continues to increase worldwide. For Philipp Brock, Marketing Supervisor of Thq Nordic, this arrival in Southeast Asia is crucial, not to state essential.

With almost half of the globe’s players located right here, establishing an imprint poses not only a major challenge, but additionally a completely amazing obstacle. Furthermore and as constantly: our interest is long-term oriented, not just a rapid satisfaction. This area is that of the huge open hearts and fantastic game followers. There is no better time than currently to recover our controllers, cozy our Computers and learn more about this enthusiastic neighborhood.

The Singaporean entity is the second subsidiary of Thq Nordic on the Eastern continent, after the unification of Thq Nordic Japan KK in October 2019. Thq Nordic Singapore has actually also adapted its logo design with the nation in concern, considering that we see The Merlion, which is none various other than the official mascot of Singapore, and also which is a blend between a lion and a fish, standing for the indigenous names of Singapore Singapura-the Lion City and also the beginning of Singapore as a town of anglers when his name was Temasek-Sea Town.

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