The bandits robbing multi HOOD: Outlaws & Legends and other two and other works are being distributed for a limited time at the Epic Games store. Big and Dead Corps and Mutant Corps

On July 1st, the free distribution of the PC version Hood: Outlaws & Legends and IRATUS: Lord of the Dead and GeneForge 1-Mutagen It started. If you log in to your account or create a new one, you can hold it after the period. The distribution period is until 0:00 on July 8th. HOOD: Outlaws & Legends and IRATUS: LORD OF THE DEAD are also supported in Japanese.

HOOD: Outlaws & Legends is a Pvpve multiplayer robbing game. Set in a violent medieval world, a treasure robbery strategy is unfolded. In this work, the players are divided into two bandits teams, aiming to collect the goals that dangerous NPC guards protect. It will be a three-way battle aiming for a treasure. Regarding the battle, it will be a battle centered on a proximity battle using a bow, sword, hammer, etc. The list price of this work is 2480 yen.


IRATUS: LORD OF THE DEAD is a turn-based rogue RPG set in the dark fantasy world. The player becomes a revenge-burning Necromancer and led the Death Corps to the ground to the ground to lead the human world. Based in the underground world, dungeons have been developed to expand their power. The dead enemy carcass can also be converted to the power of the Dead Corps as a servant. As a rogue element, the servant who died once does not revive, and there seems to be a system that the progress is automatically saved. The list price of this work is 3490 yen.

Geneforge 1-Mutagen is a fantasy adventure RPG. Players become a wizard shaper with the power to create life and build their own corps. One of the attractions is the flexibility of gameplay. Murder Mutant Pet attacks enemies, and you can also avoid combat with diplomacy and stealth. Many factions are OK whether they belong or destroy. It is a cult classic based on the RPG Geneforge released in 2001. The list price of this work is 2080 yen.

The PC version HOOD: Outlaws & Legends, IRATUS: LORD OF THE DEAD, and GeneForge 1-Mutagen are being distributed free of charge at the Epic Games store until 0:00 on July 8. Next week’s free distribution frame is a popular shooting multi-zombie stewer Killing Floor 2 and a card battle RPG Ancient Enemy.

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