No more Heroes 3: Japanese launch

On the Xbox Series X and also PlayStation 5 consoles, No more Heroes 3 will certainly run in 4K resolution and 60 fps.

A Japanese voice output was also validated. The Nintendo Switch version will certainly also get it with a complimentary update.

Grasshopper Manufacture will certainly be the Action Adventure Say Goodbye To Heroes 3 on October 6, 2022 in Japan for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4 | 5, as a new trailer reveals.

According to Gematsu, these Japanese voice stars are validated:

It is not known whether no more Heroes 3 will also be released in this nation on October 6th.

* Travis TouchDown (Voice-by Kazuya Nakai).
* Fu (Jess Baptiste VI) (Voice-by Yuki Kaji).
* Damon Riccitiello (Voice-by Junya Enoki).
* Sylvia Christel (Voice-by Marina Inoue).
* Jeane (VoiceD by Shinichiro Miki).
* Shinobu Jacobs (Voice-by Eri Kitamura).
* Negative Lady/ Ohma (Voice-by Yuuko Sanpei).
* Mr. Blackhole/ Native Dancer (Voice-by Hiroki Yasumoto).
* Gold Joe/ Sniping Lee (Voice-by Tetsuharu Oota).
* Black Night Direction/ Mystery Bandit (Articulated by Tomokazu Sugita).
* Henry Cooldown/ Vanishing Factor (Voice-by Katsuyuki Konishi).
* Midori Midorikawa (Articulated by Reina Ueda).
* Sonic Juice (Voice-by Junichi Suwabe).
* Well-known (voiceed by kenjiro tsuda).
* Bishop Shidux (Articulated by Kenichi Suzumura).
* Nt kamui (voiceed by souma saitou).
* Kimmy Howell/ Dr. Juvenile (voice-by nozomi yamamoto).
* Destroyman real face (voiceed by koUichi sakaguchi).

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