How to fix the lag in Naraka: BladePoint

The lag in the network PVP games leads to rabies, and Naraka: BladePoint is no different. The delay in Naraka: BladePoint, fortunately, the problem being solved, and several ways to reduce it were proposed. Here we present ways by which you can reduce or completely eliminate the problems with the delay for Naraka: BladePoint.

How to fix the lag in Naraka: BladePoint

Naraka: problems with the delay in bladePoint can be divided depending on whether it is caused by problems with the server or problems with the performance of the graphic processor.

Corrections of the problem of server delay

Problems with the server, although not completely under your control, can be reduced by changing several settings on your PC and controlling the running programs.

Reduce the load on PC

Make sure that you closed all the programs working in the background that you do not use. If you use programs such as Discord that you need, you must turn off their overlaws before starting the game. You can close these programs from the tasks dispatcher.

Updated Drivers OS

Make sure that your device drivers are updated, and all Windows updates are uploaded and installed. If you have awaiting updates, you must complete them before the game. You can check the presence of waiting updates using the Windows security icon on the taskbar.

Save the game on SSD

If this is possible for you, place or move your game on SSD, not HDD. You can use the external SSD if you have it for the game. If your game is on Steam, you can easily change the game disk on the download tab in the Steam settings.

Problem with the type of nat

Check your type NAT. Sometimes differences in NAT types can also lead to lags in the game. You can contact your service provider to change the type of NAT from a limited to open.

Corrections of the problem with the delay in the graphic processor

Problems with a graphic processor leading to a delay can easily control and control them. You can check the following steps to control problems with the delay in the graphic processor.

Updated graphic processor drivers

Update the drivers of the graphic processor. You can check whether the update of the drivers of the graphic processor is required using a graphic processor or simply use the following links to get the latest versions of the graphic processor drivers:

  • AMD
  • Nvidia


The game is extremely unstable on Directx12, so we recommend that you play the game on Directx11. This is the most common problem of decreasing performance in Naraka: BladePoint.

Disconnect the overlap and records

Disconnect the recording functions both in Windows (or the OS used) and in the application processor. You must also disable instant repetitions. You should also try to disable all the overlaws that you use, for example, Discord.

Maximum performance settings

Perhaps your graphic processor does not have enough power to launch the game. You can easily solve this problem by switching to the performance tab in the program settings and setting for the power management parameter for Naraka: BladePoint the prefer maximum performance value.

Graphic settings

You can lower the Naraka graphic settings: BladePoint to increase performance. You can either install general graphic settings for low, or individually change all settings.

If you decide to change all the settings separately, we recommend that you focus on the following settings to get the best results:

  • The scale of visualization
  • Unlimited personnel frequency
  • HDR-off.
  • Vertical synchronization-off.
  • Render Cherkerboard-Off.
  • Modeling accuracy-average
  • The quality of the shadows is low
  • Volumetric clouds-off.
  • Surrounding occlusion-off.

These settings will reduce the load on the GPU, without turning graphics into garbage. You can play the game smoothly, at the same time enjoying it.

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