I will make a really fun game. Live in Korea FPS Super People Developer

On June 16, Wonder People’s Battle Royale Shooting Game Super People announced the final CBT in August and communicated with the developer.

The broadcast summarizes the feedback received through the CBT, and the Final CBT foretells which improvement will come. After finishing the final CBT, we will conduct early access and official launch process as soon as possible. The contents of the broadcast have been summarized.

Super People> significantly improved to reflect global feedback

Park Sung-gon, director of Super People, said that after finishing the CBT, he focused on reflecting feedback and adding new content.


The first part of the feedback is that it is difficult to learn the game system. Final CBT will provide guides in detail for the system in Super People.

Super People was able to explore the map and collect the ingredients to strengthen the equipment items. Park Sung-gon explained, We are trying to reduce fatigue while maintaining the growth experience through production. The materials required for the growth of the necessary equipment will be significantly reduced, and the low-grade material will be easier to get. Instead, high-class materials are balanced to be relatively difficult to obtain.

The name of the material used for reinforcement will also be changed to know which materials can intuitively strengthen.

Improvements are also applied to UI and UX. When shooting a opponent with defense skills, the effects and icons that can be recognized are output. If you die, mark the enemy and damage to it so that the play feedback is easier.

Reorganization is also applied to the map. ‘Training Center’, which has many requests from global users, is added to provide a place where you can use firearms or skills separately. The main map also accepted the feedback that should farming only mainly for large cities, and added small buildings to obtain items mainly on areas where farming points were lacking.

In the first-person mode, an improvement that can be played more smoothly is applied. The height of the character is modified, and the objects that are caught by their feet to interfere with moving or obscure vision have been deleted. First-person parkour motion has also improved speed and motion. We can expect a more comfortable and intuitive first-person play than before, the developer said. The headgleach phenomenon was also revised to adjust the bullet firing location.

The frame and optimization have also improved. The contents were introduced in more detail in NDC22.

New content to be added to the final CBT has also been released. First of all, the customization that was well-received is strengthened. More types of faces and hairstyles are added to the final CBT, and the classes of the class are also reorganized. In addition to improving the farming point mentioned above, new landmarks and classes will be added to the Final CBT. New classes use shields.

In addition, the core contents to be released later are being developed, and as the final CBT schedule is approaching in August, it plans to disclose more information sequentially.

Park Sung-gon said, I’m reading all the articles you send. I will make a stable game that is really fun and well-defensive.

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