Pokemon Monster Ball Diamond engagement ring launch Japan

In October last year, a Pokémon theme engagement ring with Pikachu couple was released, attracting fans’ attention. This time, a monster ball diamond that can be mounted on this engagement ring has been released.

Japanese jewelry company Utregaer launched the Pokémon Monster Ball Diamond, which can be used on the engagement ring on the 9th. Utreezer was a company that introduced an engagement ring inspired by Pokemon, such as Pikachu, last year, and the monster ball diamond released this time can be used as an option for this ring.


Monster Ball Diamond is literally a round diamond processed like a monster ball. In fact, the product looks like a transparent monster ball by implementing a unique round shape and a button on the middle. Utreezer usually explained that round diamonds are usually cut in 58-sided in Japan, and this product has been designed to be 143.

Monster Ball Diamonds can be placed on the ring as an option, and the price may vary depending on the choice. The reference price can be equipped with 0.3CT, G, H color, and SI class diamonds, and the price of diamonds is 313 million yen (about 2.99 million won). The product is handled by the Utreezer Online Shopping Mall and Ikebukuro Store.

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