You can explore the quarry places around the stockroom

Currently, in addition to the major camping places that the professionals used in the 2 months prior to the beginning of the game, there are a number of other locations that are scattered. These areas are commonly the areas where the extra shameful powers have hidden in The Quarry, as well as they can see some crucial locations once more in the program of the video game.

The Quarry takes place in a much larger area than the previous games from Supermassive, with various locations that need to be discovered in Hackett’s Quarry. However the amount of The Quarry places around the camp exist?

However, there are still typical storage facilities that can be discovered in the whole phase checklist of the video game, such as the huts and also the primary hut. Below you will discover the summary The places of the quarry around the storage facility , which you can check out in the several various situations of the video game that show up during the project.

the quarry places

In the in the quarry there are 15 storage space areas scattered in the location that you can check out as well as which you see throughout the primary project and to which you will certainly return. These areas are:

See Septimus.

excavation site.

Fire place.

Tree residence.

The septimus lake is the main lake in the south of the quarry. It borders the island as well as is situated next to the boathouse as well as the fireplace.

When he is not with the professionals, Hackett Residence is ideal next to the major excavation website of the quarry and right here Chris seems to invest his time.

The fireplace lies in the extremely southern of the map and also lies at the lake with a remarkable view over Hackett’s Quarry.


The island is located south of the boathouse and also is a not dug deep into part of the quarry, which is now the pillar of the wilderness of the location.


camp store.

The septimus lake is the major lake in the south of the quarry. It borders the island and lies next to the boathouse and the fire place. It is an unsafe lake where you need to just swim under the guidance of one more person.


dubious cleaning.

This consists of all the places of The Quarry in the camp that you can check out. Several of these places are main areas that occur in the majority of phases, while others are unique for 1 or 2 chapters.


The radio hut lies north of the storage facility huts and below Dylan Camp Guesses broadcasts to everyone that resides in Hackett’s Quarry.


The excavation website lies in the extreme forests of Hackett’s Quarry. The location contains some of the excavation passages of the old quarry that were not flooded.

Radio Hütte.

The Camp Lodge is the main hub from Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp. It is also the residence of the sibling station for the stockroom. The lodge offers as a kind of central center in Hackett’s Quarry.

Hackett scrap.

| Camp-Lodge | Camp cabins | Camp-Shop | stone road | dubious cleaning
Fireplace .
Island .| boathouse .| See Septimus .
Tree house .| Radio Hütte .| bathroom residence .| excavation website .| Hackett-Haus .| Hackett scrap .

Camp cabins.

rock road.

Hackett Scrap is an additional business in the Hackett family as well as is situated away from the main camp and also the quarry in the Far East.


The stockroom is located directly behind the primary stockroom and also is the primary camp in Hackett’s Quarry. It stores, food as well as other objects in the occasion that visitors are in the quarry.

Camper sleep together in the camp huts. A huge tree remains in the center of the huts that border it.

The swimming pool house is located next to the camp huts as well as directly opposite the radio tower. It is the main swimming system for camper on the quarry.

The Camp Lodge is the main center from Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp. The lodge offers as a kind of main hub in Hackett’s Quarry.

Shaady Glade is found on the side of the map in The Quarry. It is residence to a number of grassy courses and also leaf-covered pathways on which you can unwind as well as appreciate the nature provided.

The boathouse is located southern of the other facilities in the storage facility as well as lies on the edge of the large lake south of the quarry.

The Rocky Roadway is found on the sides of Shady Glade and has some rough paths that lead around the woodland at Hackett’s Quarry.

The tree residence is located on the island as well as lies at the far western end. It contains numerous storage space items and also various other tools made use of by campers in the quarry.

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